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West Wichita Massage Therapy offers bodywork therapies designed to enhance the overall function and structure of the human body by stimulating circulation, promoting deep relaxation, and reducing pain.

West Wichita Massage Therapy is pleased to offer Swedish massage.  This technique stimulates circulation, eases muscle tension, improves flexibility and promotes relaxation. Specially recommended to alleviate tensions and improve blood circulation, reflexology helps promote relaxation and well-being. Experience reflexology techniques during your next visit to West Wichita Massage Therapy. Bodywork in all its forms helps to reduce pain, soothe injured muscles, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and promote deep relaxation. Available at West Wichita Massage Therapy, trigger point massage increases circulation and oxygenation in treated areas and often produces instant relief.
Services At-a-Glance: Let Us Heal You
CAREapeutic Massage Couples Massage Deep Tissue Masage
Educational Kinesiology Full Aroma Stone Massage Healing Touch Therapy
Hylunia Face/Body Treatments Infant Massage Instruction Myofascial Release Therapy
Massage in Duet Oncology Massage Pre-Natal Massage
Reflexology Massage Reiki Therapy R.E.S.E.T. Therapy
Shiatsu Massage Soothing Stone Face Therapy Tactile Integration Massage
Touch of Stone Trigger Point Therapy

Massage Treatments for your Body, Mind & Spirit

CAREapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage is the scientific, systematic manipulation of the soft tissue of the body for therapeutic effects. We customize your massage to address your needs through rhythmic strokes and movements that promote general relaxation, improve circulation, range of motion and relieve muscle tension. Touch can vary from light to firm.

Couples Massage

Share the experience of a wonderful relaxing massage with a romantic partner, parent/child, or best friend. In a single room with two massage therapists, enjoy the healing therapy of a Swedish massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Using a variety of techniques to deeply penetrate muscles and fascia, therapists are able to loosen muscles and get into the connective tissues. A more intense experience than a firm Swedish massage.

Full Aroma Stone Massage

This 80 minute hot stone massage with aromatherapy involves the application of water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. This relaxing treatment is beneficial to circulatory improvements and stimulation of the nervous system.

Infant Massage Instruction

Instruction in the principals of infant massage for parents and caregivers. Infant massage can significantly improve attachment bond, facilitate a better understanding of infant?s cues, help you relax and listen to the baby. Benefits to babies include strengthened and regulated body systems and may help colic and promote better sleep habits. Group or Private sessions by appointment only.

Massage in Duet

This modified Ayurvedic form of bodywork features two therapists working in harmony as a poetic-rhythmic duet on one client. Now appreciated around the world for its relaxation and rejuvenating attributes, Massage in Duet helps with the delicate balancing of the Right and Left Hemispheres of the brain. Its therapeutic benefits almost defy description and must be experienced to be completely appreciated. This specialized treatment is available by appointment only and lasts approximately one hour.

Oncology Massage

Adaptation of different massage techniques to safely nurture body, mind and spirit of anyone dealing with cancer. We communicate with our clients so that a massage session may be designed with their specific needs in mind. 30M/$40 60M/$60 Exclusively available in our retail section - Hymed Therapeutic Skin Care for Post Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Pre-Natal Massage

This treatment offers maximum relaxation and relief from the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Some moms-to-be even say they ?forgot they were pregnant? during the treatment. A great gift idea for the expectant mom. Touch is light to medium. 60M/$70

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is based on the long established principle that energy zones run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet and hands. It is believed they correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts. Touch varies light to firm. 30M/$40

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu addresses the meridian system with rhythmic pressure and stretches. A relaxing and invigorating treatment to help overcome headaches, insomnia, sciatica, low back pain, chills, menstrual pain and the overall balancing of the body systems. Wear loose comfortable clothing. 30M/$40 60M/$60 90M/$90

Swedish Massage

A light to medium massage using long rhythmic strokes and movements. Recommended for those wanting to relax and rejuvenate. 30M/$40 60M/$60 90M/$90

Tactile Integration Massage

This massage is designed to retrain the tactile sense of the skin. Miscommunication between the skin and brain can result in over or under sensitivity. Tactile integration relaxes muscles and helps to improve range of motion. Good for those with challenges due to injury, stroke or prolonged stress. Can be performed through clothing or wearing a swimsuit. 60M/$60 90M/$90

Touch of Stone Massage

A 60 minute massage to introduce the use of hot basalt stones on the upper body combined with a Swedish full body massage. 60M/$85

Massage Add On's

Aromatherapy Infusion

Essential oils are used to bring balance, healing and deep relaxation. $7

Pedi Wrap

We apply warm oil to your feet and wrap them in hot towels while we massage your neck and shoulders. $20

Energy Bodywork

Healing Touch Therapy

Excellent for individuals who are sensitive to touch. Increasingly popular as a complementary health care tool used to reduce stress, pain and to enhance the body?s restorative processes. Highly recommended for pre and post surgery. Healing Touch is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing using near to light touch which gently manipulates the body?s energy field flow. Healing Touch helps to improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and enhances your own healing ability. Wear loose comfortable clothes. 30M/$40 60M/$60 90M/$90

Reiki Therapy

Energy-based, hands-on healing using light touch. Reiki energy always goes to the ?cause? of the issue to speed healing. Works on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Deeply relaxing. Ideal for stress, injuries, illness, pre and post surgical as well as other traumas. Wear loose comfortable clothes. 30M/$40 60M/$60 90M/$90

R.E.S.E.T Therapy

Energy-based technique which relaxes the muscles of the jaw, neck and shoulders. R.E.S.E.T techniques can also help to improve digestion and assimilation of food, as well as offer less tension in 80% of muscles in the body. The modality is designed to address TMJ, jaw clenching, uneven bite and discomfort due to extended dental work. 2 sessions of 60M/$120

Specialized Treatments

Myofascial Release


Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore range of motion. Touch is light to deep. 30M/$50 60M/$75 90M/$110

Trigger Point Therapy

Using deep touch, trigger point therapy stresses palpitation for painful, tender, tight and over sensitized areas. 30M/$50 60M/$75 90M/$110

Soothing Stone Face Therapy

This therapy combines the use of warm oils, warm and/or cool stones, and soothing massage on the face, shoulders and feet. Especially good for sinus and headache sufferers, this treatment can feel as relaxing as a full body massage. Please wear comfortable clothing. Session is approximately 75M/$95

Educational Kinesiology

What situation would you like to improve? Reading, writing, speaking, listening, sports, or personal growth? When we are unable to perform as effectively as we want, it often leads to compensation, stress, frustration or giving up. This program re-educates how the mind-body connection processes information. During stress, we are unable to access all the information available to us. Whole Brain Integration removes stress and brings out our innate wisdom, allowing the body to move with ease and confidence. Has been shown to be beneficial for ADD, ADHD and recommended for all ages. 60M/$60 90M/$90

Hylunia Face and Body Treatments Our signature Hylunia Therapies feature organic, pure and safe products that calm and soothe the skin. Retail products are available to purchase for home care.

Face Therapy Massage


Using holistic, anti-inflammatory Hylunia products, which are truly free of all potential irritants, you facial massage not only relieves stress and helps tone muscles but leaves you skin healthy, clean and rejuvenated. (45-60 minutes) $75.00 Choose from the following:

Hydrating Aloe Vera | Mango Teen | Men's Grapeseed

Body Therapy Massage


Exfoliation and body masks combined with Swedish massage will rejuvenate your skin and melt your stress away. (Approximately 1 hour) $125 Choose from the following:

Chocolate Bliss Body Treatment | Mother of Pearl Body Scrub

Everlasting Chakra-Beauty Balancing Total Body Therapy

Hylunia realizes true health & beauty is the result of understanding the relationship of the dynamics of the whole person: body Mind and Spirit. This treatment balances your chakras with Ayurvedic Aromacology. Hylunia skin care products will combat the effects of free radicals and lead to premature aging of your skin. Massage of your neck, shoulders, hands and feet complete this relaxing and refreshing treatment for your whole body. (Approximately 90 Minutes) $125.00

 Meeting Your Needs: Rates & Packages
Preferred Customer Rate Packages ? 30 Minutes ? 60 Minutes ? 90 Minutes
CAREapeutic Massage      
(x) 3 Sessions $108 $165 $250
(x) 6 Sessions $200 $310 $475
Deep Tissue/Myofascial/Trigger Point      
(x) 3 Sessions $135 $210 $315
(x) 6 Sessions $250 $390 $600

Package rates are designed for the client who wants to establish a regular masage schedule to help achieve and maintain good physical condition and health and are not to be gifted to others for individual sessions.
Spa and Body Packages ? Price ? Duration ? Treatments
#1 $125 90 Minutes 15 minute Scalp Massage
15 minute Hot Foot Wrap
60 Touch of Stone Massage
#2 $150 120 Minutes 30 minute Foot Treatment
30 minute Back Mask
45 minute CAREapeutic Massage

Important Notes Regarding Our Policies and Terms

Etiquette: We respect our client's modesty. Therefore, you will always be discreetly covered during your massage and body treatments. Treatment times are not extended due to late arrivals and are charged full price.

Staff Changes: Our team of therapists support one another, and hope you will feel free to experiment and work with other therapists to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

Cancellation Policy: Because your services are reserved for you, you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointmnent. Credit Cards/Gift Cards must be on file for multiple Therapist Services/Spa Packages. If you fail to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours, your gift card will be null and void or your scheduled services will be charged to your credit card.

Gift Certificates: Make a difference with a special gift. Gift Certificates are available in any amount and can be used toward services or product. They can be purchased over the phone or in person. They are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Discount coupons are not applicable towards Monthly Specials, Package Rates or Gift Certificates. 

Prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

Our Availability to Serve You.

Weekdays 9am - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 3pm

Evening appointments available on Tuesday   Thursday

 West Wichita Therapeutic Massage is One-of-a-Kind

Cyndi Bertha, Owner, West Wichita Thearapeutic Massage

Cynthia (Cyndi) Bertha, NCTMB, CHTP,CPMT,CIMI® is well prepared to help identify and ultimately treat you through various massage and body work techniques. Cyndi is a graduate of the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine (KCCM) Oriental Bodywork Program and served as faculty for two years. As a Nationally Certified Therapist in Massage and Bodywork, she continued her education to include certifications in Bodywork for the Childbearing Years (Pre-Natal Massage) and has studied Myofascial Release with John T. Barnes, PT. She is currently registered as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor by the International Loving Touch Foundation®. After four years of study, Cyndi was conferred as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner by the Board of Certification of Healing Touch International in May, 2009. She is a professional member of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and Healing Touch International (HTI). Cyndi is the sole proprietor of West Wichita Therapeutic Massage LLC. Since its inception of August 2006, she has expanded staff and facility. Her mission is to provide quality care through Therapeutic Massage allowing each client to travel and achieve their “Journey to Wellness”.

Cyd Urbanek, West Wichita Thearapeutic Massage

Cynthia (Cyd) Urbanek, NCTM is a 2008 graduate of Butler Community College with an Associates Degree in Applied Science Allied Health. This massage specific curriculum included instruction in Swedish, Reflexology, Prenatal, Geriatric, and Sports Massage. Further training through continuing education includes “Massage for People Living with Cancer,” Lomi Lomi, Face Massage, and various methods of stone massage. Cyd holds current membership in Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). She joined our staff in 2008 and serves as Assistant Manager in addition to her therapist duties.

Jeff Becker, West Wichita Thearapeutic Massage

Jeff Becker, MT graduated from Total Health Works in Wichita, Kansas in 2004. He has completed 425 hours of classroom and hands on training in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Advanced Modalities. Jeff joined WWTM in 2009 and is available evenings on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as, most Saturdays.

Whitney Devoe, West Wichita Thearapeutic Massage

Whitney Devoe, NCTM is a 2008 graduate from Butler County Community College in El Dorado Kansas and holds an Associates Degree in Applied Science for Massage Therapy and an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. Her 653 hour program included Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Pre-natal, Infant, Quantum Touch and Sports Massage. She has also received her Level 1 Reiki Certification. Whitney graduates from Wichita State University in December 2012 with her Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science. She is a professional member of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and has been on staff at WWTM since 2008.

Monja Wood-Barney, West Wichita Thearapeutic Massage

Monja Wood-Barney, NCTMB, RM, Licensed Brain-Gym® Instructor/Consultant graduated from Kansas College of Chinese Medicine (Oriental Massage Program)in 2004 and is a Reiki Master. Her modalities include Reiki, Neuromuscular Release, Shiatsu, Touch for Health Kinesiology, NeuroKinesiology Reflex Integration™, Tactile Integration™, Rhythmic Movement Training, Educational Kinesiology and R.E.S.E.T. (TMJ Balancing), The programs facilitate the Mind/Body/Sensory connection using the body’s own innate wisdom to enhance function and movement. She currently holds memberships in Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionala (ABMP) and Educational Kinesiology Foundation. Monja continues her education through Rhythmic Movement Training and Svetlana Musqutova Institute (MNRI Method). Monja joined our staff at WWTM in 2007.

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